Beulah (Real Name: Beulah Volkenburger) is a member of Code LTIB.

Bio Edit

Code LTIB's fat character and Abigail Shirley's best friend, but never ever call her "fatso", as she has super strength. She used to pursue Scotty Raven Jay as a love interest. (She even decides to marry Scotty during davemadson's LTIB series!) Thus, when she learned that he will soon confess his love to Sam Jay, she tried to assassinate him, but ultimately failed. Nowadays, she pursues George Raven as her love interest, wanting to relive the older episodes of LTIB. She has since forgotten about her assassination attempt and has smoothed things over with Sam. However, her LTIB past with Scotty has not been forgotten, and now she has a one-sided obession with him. 2018 gave Beulah's design a major rehaul.


  • George Raven
  • Abigail Shirley
  • Scotty Raven Jay
  • burgers


  • Jokes about her weight
  • Being called "fatso"
  • Guy or Scotty being fired
  • Someone threatens Guy or Scotty
  • Sam Jay (used to)

Ball of Light Hot PotatoEdit

Beulah first appeared after Dragonlord forced BT Productions to share a bed with her. She was able to claim the Ball of Light after Warner Brock Sheldon insulted her. She quickly got defeated after Jessica transformed her into a duck. She then reclaims it after killing Cameron while sleepwalking. She loses it again after Reigns stabbed her with a knife. After that, she was reduced to watching Dirt and Dragonlord have quintuplets. She next appeared by using the "pet me" sign from the Sign Invasion events. Beulah then gets attacked by Sami Zayn and Turbo Secretii while trying to eat a quiche. Things did improve when Beulah "made beautiful music" with Guy. Beulah would superkick Scotty to get the Ball of Light back, only to get bronzed by Dragonlord. Beulah challenges Dragonlord and traps him to get it back.



Beulah's last name originated from an episode of Technicolor Logo Bloopers.

If Beulah's secondary eye color is revealed, she would have yellow-green eyes.