Blaxccino is a fusion of Blaxie and Whiteccino.

Bio Edit

On the rare chance that Blaxie and Whiteccino fuse, this character is the result. Since both spies are male, this fusion will come out male most of the time. However, a mutation could cause the fusion to come out as female. Blaxccino loves music and hugging, but the dominant preference depends on the gender. As a fusion, this character is a part of the Fusion Freaks alliance.

Gender Differences Edit

Male prefers music over hugging. Female prefers hugging over music. There are a lot of differences in the designs of both genders.


  • Music
  • Hugging
  • Explosions
  • Black Spy
  • White Spy

Trivia Edit

It is a rare fusion to see in the OC World, due to both fusionary partners being enemies.

First OC fusion created.

As noted by Shannon Hawk, the female tends to be prettier and more beautiful than the male.

Gender Description of appearance Concept Art
Male Resembles Blaxie more. Ribbons located around neck. No arm nor leg fur present. Shoes are black. Bow located around neck.
Blaxccino (Male Concept Art)
Female Resembles Whiteccino more. Arm and leg fur present. Shoes are pink. Lots of ribbons located behind the head. Colorful eyes.
Blaxccino (Female Concept Art)