This page lists all of the possible arena events, even though Chris McLean permanently banned them.

Mr. Enter Edit

Mr. Enter enters the arena and attacks with Atrocity Beams. His fandom can also attack tributes.

Cloud of Infatuation Edit

A mysterious cloud of infatuation engulfs the remaining tributes and causes them to make out with environmental objects that are dangerous to their lives. Any and all arrows picked up by a tribute affected by the cloud are thought of to be from Cupid.

Orgy Edit

The remaining tributes, Chris, his assistants, and the arena event stars all get involved in a massive orgy, triggering a fapping effect similar to Roman Reigns's ovary-popping abilities.

Seth Rollins Edit

Seth Rollins suddenly appears and starts attacking tributes with his curb stomps and security.

Dean Ambrose Edit

Dean Ambrose suddenly appears and starts attacking tributes with his various weapons, including Dirty Deeds.

Roman Reigns Edit

Roman Reigns suddenly appears and starts attacking tributes with his signature moves (Superman Punch, Spear).

The Shield Edit

All three members of The Shield (Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins) appear at once and start attacking.

Yveltal Edit

Yveltal suddenly appears and starts attacking tributes with Oblivion Wing. Along with Xerneas, this event can cause the corresponding side of the Xerneas-Yveltal Meter to go up by one.

Xerneas Edit

Xerneas suddenly appears and is basically just a troll in sheep's clothing. Along with Yveltal, this event can cause the corresponding side of the Xerneas-Yveltal Meter to go up by one.

Blizzard Edit

A sudden blizzard hits the arena, causing temperatures to drop down to dangerous levels.

Forbidden Sex Edit

Sex is suddenly forbidden. If sex is carried out during this rule, iron pipes appear and skewer the offenders.

Tributes Are Pokemon Edit

The tributes get thrown into hopeless battles with other Pokemon. This event is basically the one where one tribute goes up at a time, and it is decided if the tribute faints or dies.

Microsoft Sam Edit

Sam Jay suddenly appears and attacks the tributes with his violent tantrums. He can also fire people for mutiny, insubordination, and more.

Guy the White Edit

Guy the White appears and attacks the tributes with lightning. The same berserk buttons from the source material will cause Guy the White to shoot a lightning bolt.

Thunderstorm Edit

A sudden thunderstorm starts up.

Zygarde Edit

Zygarde suddenly appears and attacks the tributes with Dragon Pulse and Land's Wrath (the latter move is more common).

Arceus Edit

Arceus suddenly appears and rains down Judgment upon the arena.

Curse Edit

The arena is suddenly cursed, and mysterious events conspire to kill off the unlucky tributes.

Blood Rain Edit

A very hot shower of blood rain pours down. The event that occurs the most is tributes fighting for shelter.

Sylveancie Edit

Sylveancie (Diancie/Sylveon fusion) suddenly appears and attacks the tributes with Dazzling Diamonds and Moonblast.

Wrestling Ring Edit

A WWE ring rises from the ground. Various WWE-related events happen here.

Food Storm Edit

Based off of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Many gags from the source movie are used here.

Sign Invasion Edit

The Sign Invasion that is occasionally talked about by tributes happens in a big way.

Terrorist Bomb Edit

Male terrorists plant a bomb and gun down the tributes who try to disarm the bomb before it blows up.

Wanted Tributes Edit

A five-star wanted level is posted on the tributes. Unfortunately for Kane, this can cause Unfair Moments if tributes get arrested. A poor source of variation as only the third tribute can ever survive an epic last stand.

Plan G Edit

Plan G, which apparently involves a fatal blast, is activated. Another good source of Unfair Moments if tributes trip and fall, as there is a chance that a tripped tribute will trip another in the process. Another poor source of variation as only the first tribute can ever miraculously survive if he/she gets caught in the fatal blast radius along with two other tributes.

Battleship Edit

The arena gets completely flooded, drowning the tributes caught off-guard. The tributes that survive the opening great flood would attack with battleships.

Super Smash Bros. Edit

Based off of the Super Smash Bros. series, with events from the source game.

Explosive Chicks Edit

An event inspired by Jacob. Chicks that are explosive and carry ebolAIDS appear. Tributes can put these explosive chicks to various uses.

Chris's Kill Demand Edit

Chris McLean himself gets involved. All that ever happens here is tributes killing other tributes.

Chris Challenge 1 Edit

One of various challenges put forth by Chris McLean. This challenge is stomping puppies, kitties, cats, dogs, and Mine Turtles.

Horny Tributes Edit

Tributes get incredibly horny. A variation of the orgy event, and the opposite of the forbidden sex event.

Primal Kyogre Edit

Primal Kyogre appears and attacks tributes with Origin Pulse. Primordial Sea also activates during this event (making it similar to the opening to the battleship event).

Fireballs Edit

Fireballs rain down from the sky.

Earthquake Edit

An earthquake hits the arena, causing chasms to open up and kill tributes.

50 Arena Event Milestone Edit

This event was created by Chris McLean to celebrate the 50 arena event milestone. Absolute randomness and chaos involved here.

Ice Cream Truck Edit

The ice cream truck is here. Ice cream can be contaminated. The tributes will kill each other over some ice cream.

Free Candy Van Edit

The Free Candy Van arrives. This is similar to a fatal event where tributes lure each other inside the van.

Banned Unfair Wins Edit

Kane acts out on the Unfair Moments and bans them for a temporary amount of time. Previous events that could cause Unfair Moments are modified so that the "unfair" part no longer happens.

Chris Challenge 2 Edit

One of various challenges put forth by Chris McLean. This challenge is running nonstop.

The Quiet Game Edit

A game where if the tributes made any sort of noise, they would blow up.

Pinball Edit

The tributes are inside a pinball machine. Chris McLean is playing pinball, so the tributes have to escape if they want to avoid a fatal event.

Pool Table Edit

Based off of Cue Ball Cat.

Death Notes Edit

Death Notes rain down from the sky. Tributes can write names on these Death Notes to instantly kill a designated victim.