This page lists every game possible within the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Generic Game Edit

Typically, six tributes play this game. The basic version is that nothing happens. However, one tribute can get offended to the point of leaving or killing the others.

Hide and Seek Edit

Five tributes play this game. One tribute is the "it" and has the find everyone else to win. Either the "it" finds everyone, fails to find everyone, or finds everyone except for one.

Sardines Edit

Sardines is Hide and Seek but in reverse. Like Hide and Seek, five tributes play the game. One tribute is the first to hide, while the others try to find that tribute and hide with him or her. The tribute who fails to hide is the loser.

Chopped Edit

Based off the game show. Four tributes participate. There are three rounds. In each round, the tributes have to make a course using mandatory mystery ingredients and ingredients already in the pantry. Once the time limit expires, the dishes will be judged. If a dish fails to cut the three categories of criteria, the tribute who made the dish will be eliminated (read: You have been chopped.) Last tribute standing wins.

Wipeout Edit

Based off the game show. Six tributes participate. They compete through four rounds of competition until a final winner is chosen.

Laser Tag Edit

Six tributes play a game in which the final tribute who has not been tagged by infrared light wins.

Paintball Edit

Six tributes play a game where they have to eliminate each other with "paintballs". Last one standing wins. This game can also end in a tie.

Pokemon Go Edit

Tributes can play this mobile game. Various events exposing the true dangers of the game have been added to the random event draw.

Staring ContestEdit

Two tributes stare into each other's eyes. The tribute who blinks first loses.