Cain Jee is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Cain Jee (Fairiez)

Fairiez4berriez's rendition.

Bio Edit

Cain is an energetic guy who's usually pretty emotional. Like, when he's happy, he's REALLY happy and hyped. When he's sad, he's BAWLING in a puddle of his own tears. When he's angry, he's pretty much a furious man with a face red as a cherry. Either way, his decisions are based off his gut and don't involve him thinking too much, which usually gets him in trouble. He's also kinda selfish, but doesn't mean any harm by it. He LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches, and literally eats nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches, which might get him picked on. If he doesn't get grilled cheese sandwiches for whatever reason, he becomes really sad and cries until he eventually calms down or gets his grilled cheese. He's also an okay inventor, but some of his inventions either don't work at all, are unappealing, or are just really stupid. While he is okay when it comes to inventing, he is good at drawing and enjoys doing tricks with earth. Cain first appeared by demonstrating the MAC-4Q1K-GRIL to Xandria Cuyler. The invention turns the ground they're standing on into a giant grilled cheese sandwich, but it backfires in that they sink into the grilled cheese.