Cameron (Full Name: Cameron Wilkins) is a player in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Cameron's artwork.


Cameron is an exceptionally smart boy, but is also one of the weakest characters since his overprotective mother kept him in a bubble all his life. After making the move to BT Productions, he became used in major character emergencies, though he is also one of the first characters BT Productions herself puts in a simulation. According to Chris McLean, it is never known what a Hunger Games simulation would be like without Cameron. According to his words, Cameron fully got over his bubble boy past before entering BrantSteele. When Cameron "does it" with Dirt Secretii, he reveals that he is sterile. This makes his relationship with Scarlett childless, but he can still have sex with her. Caladbolg apparently hates him, to the point of calling him a twerp with "lunch money" (actually extra money for the house's weekly budget).


  • Scarlett
  • bubbles
  • waterfalls
  • water
  • butterflies
  • Gerry
  • Jessica


  • Sky
  • Caladbolg

Looney Games BloopersEdit

Whenever a character left or got injured, Cameron volunteers to be the replacement. The only exception was a planned S-Ranker attack, when Mario replaced Jessica.

Random SurvivorEdit

Cameron is one of two main characters, the other being Pikachu. After jury votes were split between him and Pikachu, the two characters vowed to see who is better. This escalates into rematch after rematch. Once the S-Rankers got involved, to the point of Dragonlord winning a season, Cameron realized his mistake and promised to never rematch Pikachu again.


Trivia Edit

Nowadays, Cameron is used if the Day 1 Excessive Arena Events Punishment triggers.

Cameron's info can mainly be found in another wiki. w:c:totaldrama:Cameron