Code LTIB (formerly called The LTIB Experiment) is a group of characters who originally came from Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers. The creator of the wiki gave each character their own personality. Click on the name to learn more about each character.

Character List Edit

Parental FiguresEdit

Below is a list of the parental figures of Code LTIB.

Sam's ParentsEdit

  • Mr. Jay had a job as a movie director. This job inspired Sam to direct the Code LTIB operations.
  • Mrs. Jay had a job as a fire magician. She used to fight in the military before changing jobs (which explains her facial scars).

Mary's ParentsEdit

  • Mr. Canary is an archer.
  • Mrs. Canary is a musician.

Tropes About Code LTIB in GeneralEdit

  • Berserk Button : As always for them.
    • When something does not go Sam's way.
    • Stealing the Jay Signature Laugh Line in any context.
    • Calling Mike an "a-wipe".
    • Interrupting Mary's catchphrase.
    • Saying that Anna should be called "Anna Peacock", not "Anna Zappinski".
    • Telling Zira that she should work for fake companies.
    • Doubting Hazel's findings.
    • Telling David that he should stop wearing black clothes.
    • Referring to Scotty as "Scotty Jay".
    • Calling Guy a "button freak".
    • Calling Michael a "dumbass".
    • Making jokes about Michelle's face.
    • Calling Martin a "British scum".
    • Calling Martha a "munter".
    • Calling Beulah "fatso".
    • Any time WB Shield witnesses a "papa wolf" scenario.
  • Tantrum Throwing: Another trope that is ever present in the members.
  • Adapted Out: Rhonda Raven will never make it to BT Productions. Scotty and Guy accuse her of stealing the Raven surname.


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