It took me THAT LONG to win a RipRed HGSS episode. Despite me scoring the most kills on the very first episode! I am surprised that I won during the Code LTIB Splurge of all events.
Microsoft Hazel (Real Name: Hazel Blue) is a member of Code LTIB.


The magical girl of Code LTIB. Hazel has a third eye on her belly button that has mystical powers, almost like that of magic. As such, she (along with Fortune Secretii) has been called a fortune teller. She also wears a cape that emits haze. At 4'03", she is the shortest member of Code LTIB (if you do not consider humanized logos). She was previously married to Gary Akedogemuski, but it is unknown what eventually caused the divorce.


  • Magic
  • Blue
  • Green


Trivia Edit

Like David and Zira, Hazel had the younger Microsoft tradition of having a last name after a color.

Hazel is the first character to score the most number of kills during a RipRed HGSS episode.

Hazel was actually named after her eye color.

Despite scoring the most number of kills during the first episode, Hazel did not win an episode until RipRed HGSS 60.

Hazel's parents were inspired by the "Harley Bro Gets Grounded" series, where Harley Bro's parents had the same names. The pairs of parents even share similar appearances.

Not counting scary logos, Hazel would be the shortest Code LTIB member aligned with the heroes.