The Human Sunshine Project (abbreviated HSP) is a group of mostly female characters. You can find further information about them by clicking on their names.
Human Sunshine Project DX

Everybody in the HSP (minus Jenovah and Suinnak).


The characters in the HSP tend to personify inanimate things such as secret levels. Even though these characters were born in various parts of the world, they eventually decided to move to Delfino Plaza, where they are able to practice their functions. The age of each character refers to their age at the time Super Mario Sunshine was released (August 26, 2002). In BrantSteele, everybody shares relationships with each other and can form an alliance in the later simulators. The formula for loyalty in the earlier simulators is below.

Starting LoyaltyEdit

  • The Secretiis start at 7.
  • The Super Secretiis start at 9.
  • Shyla starts at 8.
  • Tottie starts at 5.
  • The DX Secretiis start at 6.

Character ListEdit

The Full ListEdit

  • Hillary Secretii, Secretii of Hillsides
  • Dirt Secretii, Secretii of the Dirty Lake
  • Maurice Terroso (Terroso mother)
  • Wheat Terroso (Terroso grandmother)
  • Corn Terroso (Terroso grandfather)
  • Ricco Secretii, Secretii of Mechanics
  • Dunstan Secretii, Secretii of Sand
  • Bruce Secretii, Secretii of Magic
  • Yoshi Secretii, Secretii of Camoflauge
  • Flower Velia (Velia aunt)
  • Drogo Secretii, Secretii of Ghosts
  • Fortune Secretii, Secretii of Luck
  • Gary Akedogemuski (Akedogemuski uncle)
  • Sven Akedogemuski (Akedogemuski grandmother)
  • Fortunata Akedogemuski (Deceased Akedogemuski grandmother)
  • Fortunato Akedogemuski (Deceased Akedogemuski grandfather)
  • Paco Akedogemuski (Deceased Akedogemuski grandfather)
  • Shelli Secretii, Secretii of Complexity
  • Chuck Secretii, Secretii of Strength
  • Turbo Secretii, Secretii of the Air
  • Slide Secretii, Secretii of the Land
  • Red Secretii, Secretii of the Jungle
  • Pachinko Secretii, Secretii of Gaming
  • Lily Secretii, Secretii of Sweetness
  • Suinnak Secretii, Secretii of the Unknown
  • Jenovah Secretii, Secretii of the Holy
  • Jenny Secretii, Secretii of Infertility
  • Luisa Secretii, Secretii of Luigi
  • Maria Secretii, Secretii of Mario
  • Waluisa Secretii, Secretii of Waluigi
  • Waria Secretii, Secretii of Wario
  • Chris Secretii, Secretii of Villages
  • Lotus Secretii, Secretii of Waterslides
  • Galaxia Secretii, Secretii of Galaxies
  • Aero Secretii, Secretii of Windmills
  • Aero Terroso Senior (Deceased)
  • Corona Secretii, Secretii of Volcanos
  • Aquastan Secretii, Secretii of the Ocean
  • Blaine Cole
  • Cyan Cole
  • Red Cole
  • Shyla Sunshine
  • Silver Sunshine
  • Tottie Babs
  • Thirteena Babs (Babs grandmother)
  • Jinx Babs (Babs cousin)
  • Read Secretii, Secretii of Books (Randomverse exclusive)
  • Truck Secretii, Secretii of Vehicles (Randomverse exclusive)
  • Ambrosia Secretii, Secretii of Unpredictability
  • Ro-Ro Secretii, Secretii of Sexiness
  • Sethanie Secretii, Secretii of Stealth

List of SurnamesEdit

The "Secretii" name is only added once a character gets to manage a secret level. Here's a list of surnames used within the HSP.

  • Terroso (Hillary, Dirt, Aero)
  • Meccanismo (Ricco, Galaxia, Shelli, Drogo, Luisa, Maria)
  • Zaman (Dunstan, Aquastan)
  • Velia (Bruce, Yoshi, Lily, Lotus)
  • Akedogemuski (Fortune, Pachinko)
  • Waller (Chuck, Chris)
  • Flyeiski (Turbo)
  • Scivolski (Slide)
  • Vulcanna (Corona)
  • Sunshine (Shyla, Steven, Silver)
  • Babs (Tottie)

List of Medical ProblemsEdit

The group is very special because there are a lot of medical problems going on with them.

  • Hillary: Angelman syndrome
  • Dirt: Frequent scarring (A notable incident is after the Hunger Butts.)
  • Ricco: Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Dunstan: Pentasomy X
  • Bruce: Amputation of the arms
  • Yoshi: Paroxysmal extreme pain disorder
  • Shelli: Sotos syndrome
  • Fortune: Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
  • Chuck: Shwachman-Diamond syndrome
  • Red: DNA mutations
  • Aquastan: Cystinosis
  • Corona: Polyarteritis nodosa
  • Galaxia: Kleine-Levin syndrome
  • Lotus: Cerebro tendonious xanthomatosis

Chart of Favorite PokemonEdit

Each character of the HSP has a favorite Pokemon, however, their preferences are different from one another. See the table below for who likes what Pokemon, and their reasons for their choice.

Character Favorite Pokemon Picture of Pokemon Reason
Hillary Secretii Pikachu "As I am personified as the newbie, the only thing I ever knew about Pokemon was its mascot. So I chose Pikachu by default."
Dirt Secretii Muk "Muk reminds me all too well of the Bianco Hills episode in which my secret level could be found."
Ricco Secretii Blaziken "Blaziken got a Mega Evolution before Sceptile and Swampert got theirs. Just perfection."
Dunstan Secretii Palossand "As I am the sand Secretii, I just had to pick a Pokemon made of sand. Plus, Palossand reminds me of the castle portion of my secret level."
Bruce Secretii Braixen "Magic... The reason I chose Braixen over Delphox is because you could see the twig Braixen uses for magic, Delphox's twig cannot be seen so easily."
Yoshi Secretii Leafeon "I isolated myself to blend in with nature and because Yoshi's Story never involved Mario. Leafeon is like an Eevee who evolved because it wants to be associated with that nature."
Drogo Secretii Decidueye "Ghost archer is wicked awesome! Enough said."
Fortune Secretii Togekiss "Try getting a female specimen that has Super Luck... this is what I consider Pokemon luck."
Shelli Secretii Blastoise "Shell? Check. Able to retreat into its shell? Check. Has a cool moveset to go along with it? Definitely."
Chuck Secretii Machamp "Machamp replaced Strength during the Sun and Moon games."
Turbo Secretii Emolga "Only one I know that has a wingsuit similar to mine."
Slide Secretii Ho-oh "Colorful beauty..."
Red Secretii Oricorio "Oricorio's Baille style bears the most resemblance to my Red Bird of Happiness."
Pachinko Secretii Rhydon "Oldest member of the HSP. Gotta go with the first design ever thought up!"
Lily Secretii Primarina "A beautiful Pokemon... this was one part out of three of the inspiration for my summer outfit..."
Blaine Cole Pichu "The Coles are trying to see which baby Pokemon is the best. I choose Pichu because it is yellow like me."
Cyan Cole Azurill "The Coles are trying to see which baby Pokemon is the best. I choose Azurill because it is blue like me."
Red Cole Magby "The Coles are trying to see which baby Pokemon is the best. I choose Magby because it is red like me."
Shyla Sunshine Starmie "So cool! It looks like a star! The jewel is awesome and pretty!"
Tottie Babs Darkrai "Once I get those watchers to sleep, my Bad Dreams will consist of me repeating my signature phrase over and over again. Nothing like kicking a man while he's down.
Suinnak Secretii Silvally "Shameless Silvally inspiration for my design is shameless. It was meant to be."
Jenovah Secretii Arceus "As the one watching from the heavens, I knew my favorite Pokemon was an easy decision. I was designed as the God of the Secretiis. Arceus is like the God of Pokemon!"
Aero Secretii Kartana "Those blades resemble windmill blades! I have to pick that one!"
Aquastan Secretii Brionne "Lily already took Primarina, so I had to go with the next best option. Besides, the lower body of this specimen resembles me in a way!"
Galaxia Secretii Palkia "Galaxy means outer space. I have to go with the Pokemon of space."

Lotus Secreti

Sylveon "Sylveon be very pretty!"



Almost every character in the HSP is a female character (except for Blaine Cole and Red Cole who are male characters). There are a total of 32 members (excluding parental figures).