Here's all of the comics done by the creator of this wiki that pertain to the Hunger Games simulator. If you are looking for other pictures, refer to here: Hunger Games Simulator Galleria

What Happened in the Comic? Characters Involved Picture
Bugs tries to kill Roman Reigns with a trap, but traps Pikachu instead. Pikachu kills Bugs. Bugs Bunny, Roman Reigns, Pikachu
Reigns Got Lucky
Reigns has his lovely moment with Birdietalk Productions, but his ovary popping ability was too much for her to handle. Roman Reigns, Birdietalk Productions
Bittersweet Reigns Moment
The second major confrontation between Sam and Scotty. Just like last time, Sam killed Scotty. Sam Jay, Scotty Raven Jay
Sam vs. Scotty (2)
Scotty thinks he has triggered the obvious night ending, when Dragonlord kills Samey. Scotty realizes he has an infection and that Dragonlord will win. He reflects on Patty, Jessica, and Sam before dying. In the last panel, the arena is engulfed in darkness. Scotty Raven Jay, Dragonlord, Samey, Patty, Jessica, Sam Jay
Scotty's Last Moments
Dragonlord gives commands for Dunstan and George to kill Sam. Sam halts Guy because Scotty had yet to arrive. Scotty reveals that he did give birth to a baby. Dunstan stops the attack, and Scotty finally confesses his love for Sam. And Sam and Scotty lived happily ever after. Dragonlord, Sam Jay, Dunstan Secretii, George Raven, Scotty Raven Jay, unnamed baby
Sam and Scotty Finally Had a Baby
Dragonlord reveals his latest crazy plan to take over the BrantSteele realm. He tests out this plan on Evil Sam, and succeeds. Sam E. Jay, Dragonlord
Dragonlord Defeats Evil Sam
Sam gets jealous of Dragonlord's ability to use Oceanic Operetta, and decides to use it for himself on Hillary. Hillary Secretii, Sam Jay, Dragonlord
Sam Uses Oceanic Operetta
Chris tells Brionne that her prize for winning a Hunger Games simulator round is an invitation to the BrantSteele Christmas Special. Chris McLean, Brionne
Brionne's Victory Prize
Bowser Junior dares Birdietalk Productions to kiss Dragonlord, thinking she will be disgusted at the thought of kissing an evil overlord. Bowser Junior actually was wrong about his predictions. Bowser Junior, Birdietalk Productions, Dragonlord
Bowser Junior Was Wrong