Massacre (Real name: Mallory Massacre Caprice) is an OC created by the creator of this wiki.


One day in 1717, a scientist living in Guyana was trying to create a species so evil, that only himself was left after the creation was finished. He took elementals of death, fire, and air to concoct the abomination. It was successful, but the resulting bird escaped. The scientist never saw her again. When Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction was announced, people were starting to get suspicous of the bird's death instincts and linked them to Yveltal. Then when people evolved their Fletchling, they noticed the bird looked somewhat like the result, Fletchinder. They started to hunt her down, concluding her to be a Fletchinder/Yveltal hybrid. Unbeknownst to them, the bird already found a place to stay; the OC World. Massacre's diet consists of Pokemon food, blood, bird seed, baby carrots, and water.

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List of Massacre's InventionsEdit

  • Weather Machine

Trivia Edit

Massacre wasn't given a full name at first. Later, Scarpher properly named her.

Massacre is currently pursuing a career as an inventor.

Massacre and Decimal were created from the same OC Creator.

Massacre's alias is meant to hide her true gender.