RipRed HGSS 1 was the first episode of the RipRed HGSS Series. It was released on October 8, 2016.

Summary Edit

24 players step into Birdietalk Productions's brand-new series in an attempt to compete with Crazyboycory22. Hazel Blue, despite scoring the most kills for the round, did not get away with the victory. But did you expect the victory to be won by a positive character? Too bad! It was Tottie Babs who won the first episode! She expects the series to have a bad reputation following her win!


  1. Tottie Babs
  2. Alena
  3. Martha Lionheart
  4. Riolu
  5. Cameron
  6. Red Secretii
  7. Hazel Blue
  8. Pidove
  9. Mike Macaw
  10. Daisy Duck
  11. Max
  12. Michael Lionheart
  13. Lightning
  14. George Raven
  15. Mary Canary
  16. Sylveon
  17. Dora the Explorer
  18. Chuck Secretii
  19. Dragonlord
  20. Donald Duck
  21. Izzy
  22. Dean Ambrose
  23. Daniel Bryan
  24. Bowser

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