RipRed HGSS 29 was the twenty-ninth episode of the RipRed HGSS Series. It aired on October 15, 2016.

Summary Edit

Dragonlord finally gets revenge for never winning a RipRed HGSS episode, by invading the RipRed HGSS series along with the characters typically found in BrantSteele's simulations. To make it not obvious that he was the one who won, the death rate was slow.


  1. Dragonlord
  2. Mario
  3. Jessica
  4. Hillary Secretii
  5. Pachinko Secretii
  6. Black Spy
  7. White Spy
  8. Slide Secretii
  9. Mr. Warner
  10. Patty
  11. Tottie Babs
  12. Bayley
  13. Staravia
  14. Guy the Black
  15. Sam Jay
  16. Lily Secretii
  17. Sam E. Jay
  18. George Raven
  19. Mary Canary
  20. Seth Rollins
  21. Guy the White
  22. Piplup
  23. Blaine Cole
  24. Eevee
  25. Birdietalk Productions
  26. Turbo Secretii
  27. Mike Macaw
  28. Mike E. Macaw
  29. Red (Gender did not specify Cole or Secretii)
  30. Dirt Secretii
  31. Ricco Secretii
  32. Cameron
  33. Waluigi
  34. Yoshi (Similarly to Red, gender did not specify Team Fortune Street or Secretii)
  35. Luigi
  36. The other Red
  37. Mesprit
  38. Bruce Secretii
  39. Dunstan Secretii
  40. The other Yoshi
  41. Princess Daisy
  42. Mr. Evil Warner
  43. Shelli Secretii
  44. Drogo Secretii
  45. Princess Peach
  46. Mary E. Canary
  47. Scotty Raven Jay
  48. Pidgey

Episode Link Edit

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Trivia Edit

No rewards nor punishments were handed out due to the slow death rate.

Despite competing in the RipRed HGSS several times before, Dragonlord finally wins in this episode.