Rosario Scarlett is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Rosario Scarlett Reference

Generic reference.

Bio Edit

Rosario is a genderless scarlet-headed blackbird from Uruguay. It came to the School of Heroics in hope of obtaining the knowledge needed to stop Strong Immortal. It got its three superpowers after coming contact with an unidentified virus while studying a cave. Rosario is a genuine superhero despite having a weakness to rubber bands, being manipulative, and undergoing episodes of "Scarlett Fever". It loves crowded places, but its reasoning for this specific preference is ambiguous.

Scarlett Fever Edit

When Rosario undergoes "Scarlett Fever", it is basically a temporary episode of rampaging insanity. During episodes, it gets surrounded by scarlet energy and grows in size to a hulking giant. Its eyes also become red in color, which is a change from the normal color of rose. Its Mentifery also goes out of wack, making it very unlikely for Rosario to summon what it needs. Resurrection Field Projection is disabled while "Scarlett Fever" is ongoing.