Samus Samuellson is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Samus is a happy-go-lucky, striking teenage boy with a strange photograph and a lust for power. He lives with a team of superheroes in a large extraterrestrial mansion. After murdering a major villain, the team gave Samus permission to time travel, hence him coming from the future. The time travel was made possible after Samus met his love interest while on vacation. One of Samus's grandparents wanted him to play the trombone, but his guitar player friend pressured him to give that instrument up for playing the guitar. The guitar eventually adapted to become one of Samus's skills, along with the photography that allowed him to get the strange photograph and embroidery. He likes to use the word "suppose". Cunigund R. Iraq had to meet Samus before meeting Maxine Bedford, but Samus's very tight schedule made the wait unbearable for Cunigund.