Seabrom is a member of Starly Wrestlers.
Seabrom Icon

Bio Edit

Seabrom is the Starlyfied Dean Ambrose. His behaviors reflect Ambrose very well. He loves to torture Sillorn for his own amusement.


  • Insanity
  • Torture
  • Srigne


  • Sillorn
  • Roman Reigns

Important Relationships Edit

Sillorn is Seabrom's worst enemy. According to the rock, paper, scissors relationship, Ambrose beats Sillorn. Seabrom will do anything to take advantage of this.

Srigne is one of Seabrom's best friends. He will get scared if Srigne lets loose however, because Reigns beats Seabrom. Reigns's skyward taunts can easily startle Seabrom.

Seabrom and Swatty get along well enough, due to having similar scary and wacky behaviors.