Shyla Sunshine is a member of the Human Sunshine Project.


Shyla was created in a laboratory to act as a source of power for Delfino Plaza. The plot of Super Mario Sunshine started when Bowser Junior scared off Shyla by activing his "Big Bad Graffiti Mode". Shyla's star propeller allows her to fly over to the location where Mario (or any other playable character) could claim her. Shyla's star propeller is solar powered, so if a user with Sun Blocking blocks out the sun, Shyla's solar systems will shut down and she will be unable to fly until the sun comes back. When Steven Sunshine came into Shyla's life, they got married on first sight because they had the exact same last name.


  • Beaches
  • Jumping jacks


Trivia Edit

Shyla is the only member of the Human Sunshine Project to have a prime-numbered height.

Shyla's prototype design did not have the star propeller.

Shyla is one of two members of the Human Sunshine Project to have stars in the eyes. The other member is Fortune.

Shyla is one of four members of the Human Sunshine Project who have an ability to fly. The other three are Bruce, Fortune, and Turbo.