Sillorn is a member of Starly Wrestlers.


Sillorn is the Starly-fied persona of Seth Rollins. As such, he will enjoy using heel tactics. He has remarkable skill in stealth, as Birdietalk Productions's version of Rollins is also a ninja in addition to being a wrestler. He once badly hurt his knee, and instead of taking the bandages off once it healed, he decides to fake still having the injury. The bandages came off once Seth Rollins let loose. Rollins lets loose once Sillorn uses the Curb Stomp technique. The Pedigree will not let Rollins loose, as it is copyright infringement of Septuple S's letting loose technique.


Sillorn was the first ever created Starly Wrestler, followed by a close second and third from Srigne and Seabrom, respectively. 

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