Slide Secretii (Full Name: Slide Scivolski Secretii) is one of the five Super Secretiis.

Bio Edit

Her current age is 27. While she was 19, she lost her original human feet in a horrible accident. They did get replaced, but they were robotic, with no toes. She decides to wear roller skates to hide this secret shame. This presents a great risk to her future life. As she continues to wear her skates, her leg injuries continue to worsen, and she will eventually be confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately for her in a pyrrhic way, "The Prince of Darkness" realizes what will become of her and forces her to take off her skates. She still wears them, just not as often as she did in her past.

Important Relationships Edit

Turbo Secretii is Slide's best friend. She will be concerned if Turbo suffers from one of her "Dragonlord Visions".

Her "Super Secretii Allies" include Turbo, Red, Lily, and Pachinko.

Under the orders from "The Prince of Darkness", Slide is forced to reveal her robotic feet all the time.

Trivia Edit

Slide does not like to use ordinary walking as her method of movement. She instead likes to use her roller skates all the time, even in buildings(which is normally considered dangerous).

She and Dunstan Secretii are often mistaken as siblings because of their similar hairstyles. However, it was confirmed they were born to separate pairs of parents.

Slide's middle name comes from "scivolo", the Italian word for slide, chute, or slipway.

According to "Word of God", Slide's full name is Slide Scivolski Secretii.

Slide will acquire heterocromia later in life. This causes one of her eyes to shift colors. It is very likely that she will show symptoms when she reaches age 30, the same age Turbo got central heterochromia.


Concept Art Edit

Slide Secretii (Concept)