Too bad!
Tottie Babs is a member of the Human Sunshine Project.

Bio Edit

Tottie appears whenever a challenger of a Secretii's secret course loses a life. She will say her signature phrase and leave. This signature phrase, "Too bad", came about after Mr. Babs constantly used this to describe the death of Mrs. Babs. Tottie loves to use her phrase much to the annoyance of the other Secretiis. Tottie has been called the "game over person" because of this job. Tottie's mood (most of the time) will be grumpy. Other people have said that Tottie will only be happy during two events: using her phrase and wearing her Fourth of July outfit. Tottie's secret is that there is a third event that makes her happy: watching videos about fails in general. She is obsessed with her phrase to the point she HATES it whenever somebody tries to steal her words.


  • Her signature phrase ("Too bad")
  • Darkrai
  • Fourth of July
  • Black
  • Fail videos


  • Another character using the phrase "Too bad"
  • Love
  • Girly Pokemon (such as Primarina and Sylveon)


  • Hates being affectionately touched
  • Usually is grumpy

Superpowers Edit

Tottie has Memory Erasure. After she teleports back to her original position, the character she has swapped places with will have forgotten what he/she/it was about to say before the placement swap.

Tottie also has Teleportation, in which this triggers if she is about to hear someone say "Too bad".

During the teleportation, Tottie uses Location Swapping, in which she switches places with the person who was about to use her phrase.

Depending on how far away the person is, Tottie could be using Flash Step.

Superpower Limitations Edit

Tottie is unable to fly, despite having Teleportation. Thus, characters can say her phrase while on floating platforms and not suffer from the memory loss.

Grounded and UngroundedEdit

Tottie is considering making her own series to counter Fortune Secretii's Fortune Exposed the Truth series. Tottie Saves the Day, it is about Tottie's teleportation/memory loss powers unintentionally triggering when someone is about to use "too bad" in a manner that suggests a bad character's punishment is final. Tottie gets ungrounded for saving a character from getting grounded or worse.

Trivia Edit

She started to use "Too bad" constantly after Mr. Babs used the phrase himself.

Mrs. Babs died while giving birth to Tottie. Mr. Babs used to refer to this as "death by childbirth" before using "Too bad".

She is the first winner of an episode of the RipRed HGSS Series.

Tottie is the only member of the Human Sunshine Project to have a prime-numbered weight.

She once competed in another deviant's Hunger Games simulator round along with Pachinko Secretii.

She competed in the BrantSteele Christmas Special, and won.

On rare occasions, Tottie will say "arrivederci", the Italian word for goodbye, and the German translation of her signature phrase.

Tottie is 39 years old.

Images Edit

Concept Art Edit

Tottie Babs (Concept)

Tottie's concept art exposes that on the back of her shirt, there is a dark red "-1" displayed. The concept art also displayed that Tottie is the only member of the Human Sunshine Project to have pure black eyes.

Older Years Edit

Older Tottie

Tottie in her older years.

During Tottie's older years, Pachinko projects that her hair will start to whiten, as written in her theory. She will also gain the appearance of a beard.