Vibrant Wind Adventures is a series created by Kobe56299.

Premise Edit

Vibrant Wind goes on adventures with her allies. The series is planned to have three seasons, each with a different plot than the last. Vibrant Wind's progession through life is also shown. Several characters in this series came from the Springhole Character Randomizer, while others came from the Superpowered OC Creator and the OC Creator Mk. II. Kobe plans to start the series once enough superheroes are generated for Season 1.

Characters Edit

Possible Additions Edit

  • Mitchell Mendel
  • Maggie Roy
  • Cyrenic T. Pufferfluff
  • Empowered Law
  • Wallibomb O. Floursou
  • Hookflame
  • Nick Rain
  • Magnolia Faulk
  • Marie O'Donnell
  • Hermina O'Donnell
  • Ivy Ghostley
  • Pauly Warner
  • Lisanne Bennet
  • Andrea Ashton
  • Life Reform
  • Eudora Trick
  • Read Secretii
  • Vesper OpanViper
  • Brandon LeStrange
  • Marlee LeStrange
  • Fraiddari, The Dragonlord
  • Rebecca Andropoulos
  • Calisto Crane
  • Honey Sundreamer
  • Baud Port
  • Trentoine Fitzenn
  • MacHoops Poe
  • Determined Mask of Perspective

Trivia Edit

More characters may be added as the series continues to be developed.