Warner Bros. Shield (Real Name: Warner Brock Sheldon) is a member of Code LTIB.


His main gimmick is WB Shield Fools, where he is only involved in Birdietalk Productions full-time during April. In other months, Warner is only around for the holidays. His main attack involves him eating a Super Mushroom so he could zoom in on the opponent. However, Warner can eat a Mega Mushroom by accident. Warner's accidents have caused Sam to yell at him. Another good way to anger Sam is when Warner wears a shirt saying "F-U". Warner tries his best to avoid Sam by forming a BROTP with Fletchinder.

Important Relationships Edit

Scotty Raven Jay and George Raven can control what Warner is trying to say, as they are shield guys.

Sam Jay's relationship with Warner is complicated. Sam will only like him if he says W-B. Sam can be easily angered if Warner uses a Mega Mushroom to zoom like he did in Lumber Jack-Rabbit.

After snuggling Fletchinder during the first ever recorded snuggling, Warner and Fletchinder became a BROTP, named "FlaringZoom Shipping". They are very loyal to each other and even have their own secret handshake.

Warner befriended the "Biting Pear of Salamanca" so he could have help celebrating WB Shield Fools.

Looney Games BloopersEdit

When Looney Games Bloopers was revived by "The LGB Return", Warner was there to remind Code LTIB that WB Shield Fools was still going on. He continued to make appearances until "Mary's Challenge", when upon learning that WB Shield Fools was about to end, he threw a tantrum. Warner's next appearance will be in "Golden Gaffes, or The Great Character Trackdown".